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Litigation consultant Karen Lisko, Ph.D., works with attorneys to increase their persuasiveness and effectiveness with factfinders throughout all phases of litigation. A veteran of hundreds of civil cases heard in bench and jury trials and arbitration forums, Karen strategizes to help legal teams construct compelling and prevailing arguments. Karen holds a doctorate in legal communication, a specialized degree attained by only a few consultants in the nation, and is the author of two books, Patently Persuasive and Proven Jury Arguments and Evidence.

Is It Even Possible to Persuade a Biased Juror?

If you recently debated someone who adamantly supported a different candidate than you in the last presidential election, you have good reason to wonder whether there is hope of persuading someone biased against your position in a theft of trade secrets case. Fortunately, jury persuasion happens all the time (and is arguably easier than persuading a voter who holds entrenched opinions about a presidential candidate). You cannot talk a juror out of a deeply held value system; however, you can demonstrate how your case fits within it, and persuade the juror from that vantage point.
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